ASELA welcomes appointment of Ministerial Champion for the Thames Estuary

Vice Chair of the Association of South Essex Local Authorities, Rochford District Council Leader Cllr Simon Wootton, said: “I welcome this announcement. Levelling up is an issue across the estuary and in South Essex, where we have areas of deprivation. Inequality holds us all back. And this appointment is a welcome recognition of that.

“Here in South Essex, local councils are working together to improve technical skills in our current and future workforce, use initiatives like the Thames Freeport to spread economic opportunity across our region, improve our infrastructure to support growing communities and accelerate the delivery of the homes people need and make the most of our natural assets to improve wellbeing and meet our climate challenges. And of direct relevance to Ms Lopez in her role as Digital Infrastructure Minister, we are laying a full fibre broadband network to improve public services and stimulate market interest in bringing affordable and high-quality digital connectivity to an area that has suffered from lower-than-average speeds and a preponderance of mobile ‘not spots’.

“I look forward to meeting with Ms Lopez at the earliest opportunity to discuss our shared ambitions for South Essex.”