Vision and priorities

Our vision

South Essex – the place…

  • To live
  • To visit
  • To work and do business.

South Essex Councils (SEC) is working towards a South Essex with:

  • Excellent and contemporary digital infrastructure including 5G and connectivity making businesses want to invest in the area and start successful and productive enterprises.
  • Improved connectivity and public transport, underpinned by investment in active travel projects which benefit people’s health and wellbeing and could see major environmental benefits.
  • Investment in green and blue infrastructure that supports parks and river walks, active use of environmental assets, biodiversity, health and wellbeing outcomes, promoting active and thriving communities.
  • A current and future workforce with the skills to access productive and highly skilled jobs.
  • A strategy to secure more commercial development from employers who can provide productive and well-paid employment, locally.
  • Accelerated development of housing sites that deliver new quality homes, neighbourhoods and communities and enhanced amenity and place for all residents.
  • Supported young people who are able to achieve their best and build their futures in South Essex.

Our priorities

SEC submitted its Growth and Recovery Prospectus to the Government on Friday 31 July 2020 marking a significant step forward for South Essex. The prospectus set out an ambition to deliver a series of priorities with long lasting and wider benefits for both people and place.

South Essex is a natural economic corridor and currently contributes £17.9billion to the national economy. The ambition outlined in the prospectus will see south Essex contribute an additional £15billion to the UK economy and create 100,000 new jobs by 2050.

South Essex has been under-invested in for decades yet still punches well above its weight when it comes to contributing to the national economy, innovation and growth. It will play a significant part in helping the UK economy to recover post-COVID.

At a time when the government is actively pursuing devolution of powers to regions, coupled with their levelling up agenda, it is vital that South Essex is on their plan.

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