Welcome to ASELA

The Association of South Essex Local Authorities (ASELA) is a partnership of neighbouring councils that have come together to promote growth and prosperity in the region.

The Economy

South Essex generated £17.9bn of economic value in 2019 and aims to contribute an additional £15bn.

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Digital Connectivity

ASELA plans to transform digital connectivity in South Essex, providing contemporary digital infrastructure that will see the entire region super-connected.

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In South Essex the transport network operates over capacity - walking, cycling and greener public transport will become the most appealing and practical choice.

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Housing and Strategic Planning

ASELA want to support the delivery of new homes, with a strong sense of place and community.

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Climate and Environment

South Essex aims to be carbon zero by 2040.

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Vibrant Communities

South Essex is home to nearly 1 million people, who are at the heart of ASELA’s ambitions.

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Opportunity South Essex

Opportunity South Essex (OSE) is the local federated board for the South East Local Enterprise Partnership (SELEP Ltd) for South Essex and works closely with ASELA.


OSE is a private sector led partnership with members from South Essex businesses, local authorities, further and higher education.

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The Opportunity South Essex Board is currently made up of 22 members from across South Essex and meets quarterly for Board meetings.

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Priorities & projects

The ASELA Growth and Recovery prospectus reflects the priorities identified by businesses in South Essex.

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Full fibre success set for expansion in south Essex

The first phase of a project to rollout fibre infrastructure and link 129 sites in south Essex with next generation high speed full fibre broadband connections has proven so successful that an extra £2.5million in government funding has been awarded.

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New technical university will benefit south Essex

An innovative new technical university in south Essex will help residents access highly skilled jobs and provide businesses with the workforce they need to help drive economic growth in the region, that is the finding of a new ASELA report.

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